Meet the Family

It doesn’t take long to tell folks who we are.

Ruthless Cowboys is built on the American dream. We started with a simple plan scratched out on a bar napkin – “Create an honest to goodness, 100 percent American-made clothing brand.”

Over the past five years, we’ve made that happen. Just head out to a concert in Forth Worth, Texas, or a rodeo in Mesa, Arizona. You’ll no doubt see guys and gals rocking our apparel that starts with cotton grown on American soil.

Most of our orders come from people who are up before the sun. Americans who are busy bringing home the bacon. Ruthless Cowboys makes every effort to get to know the people we serve. We have a great feel for the men and women that make up the fabric of America.

It is our privilege to turn our quality fabric into apparel that hard working Americans are proud to wear. We take a helluva lot of pride in seeing a woman sporting a RC cap while working two jobs to put herself through college or a mother who works 24/7 to take care of her family.

We don’t take lightly a firefighting father of three sending us a thank you note about a gift he ordered for his wife or the police officer who is proud to wear his Ruthless Cowboys t-shirt under his vest.

Our clothing line is meant for guys who don’t find it necessary to apologize for walking into a store all dusty from a long day’s work. They figure getting dirty while earning their keep is the norm.

We fire up our screen printers every day knowing our stuff may end up on the truck driver grinding out a 60-hour workweek. We know those bananas don’t just magically appear in the grocery store.

As for the military men and women, who post pics on our Instagram page sporting some Ruthless Cowboys gear? These fine people are America’s shield against the barbarians of this planet. That these defenders of our land would take the time to show off something that we created . . .more humbling that I can ever say.

We could’ve written 2,000 words about our company. After all, we’re damn proud of Ruthless Cowboys, Ruthless Cowgirls, and what we do. We just thought it more appropriate to tell you about the people we had in mind when the idea for our business first started. The same folks we keep in mind with every move we make today at Ruthless Cowboys.

We’re not for everybody. The politically correct bunch isn’t going to be thrilled with us.


We like it that way.